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At Lichfield Self Storage security is the highest priority at Lichfield Self Stoage.
Container Security


We select shipping containers to ensure the maximum strenght of container. The containers are constructed from industrial steel and reinforced. We stack the containers butt up against one another and back them on a wall or each other to increase security further. 

The doors are locked using an CISA industrial lock. Every container has a unique lock and the tenant retains the key.

Site Security


The site is surrounded by 8 ft high walls and an 8ft high steel gate. The gate is locked wit the same industrial lock (CISA) as each of the containers. 

Site Security Staff


The site has a security walk over a couple of times a day by the site security staff. The main gate is checked and the site is reviewed. Any odd behavior would be reported. 



The Lichfield Self Storage site has been installed with decreet nightvision 24/7 CCTV suveilance. All images are recorded, reviewed and saved. 

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